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Click on each GUIDE oral health challenge below to share your experiences of oral health care. What problems do you see? What do you think is needed or not needed? What issues are currently overlooked? What ideas do you have for tools or actions that could help? Don’t forget to vote, comment on and question other ideas too to help us prioritise the most important issues. Your thoughts will directly shape the research and innovation we do at University of Aberdeen. This is your community - let's get going!


This challenge is about coming up with ideas for how to improve the oral health prevention of gum disease leaflet so that we can improve communication about self-care with patients. This leaflet is currently available in NHS clinical guidelines , and we would like to hear from you on ways to improve it and make it more relevant and useful to patients. The leaflet in this challenge has been edited to reflect YOUR suggestions and views. We would like to know if you think it does reflect your ideas, whether this version is better than the earlier version, and whether there are aspects left to improve.  Click in more details to download the leaflet and give us your honest thoughts and suggestions by clicking  submit your post .

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This challenge is about generating ideas to improve the NHS oral health prevention of gum disease leaflet. Ultimately, we would like to improve communication about self-care with patients.  We aim to share your views with our NHS partners to improve the leaflet.  Click in more details to view or download the leaflet and give us your honest thoughts and suggestions by clicking  submit your post .

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We have prepared a video about using mouthwashes with one of our resident dentists, Dr Thomas Lamont. We welcome your thoughts about this way of communicating about oral and dental health self-care.  Is a video a good way to communicate about self-care? How can we improve these videos? What other questions do you have? Please join the discussion. Your contribution is essential to ensure better communication about oral and dental care.


Do you have a question about this community? Perhaps you're unsure of how to answer one of our challenges or don't understand some of the healthcare terms. Maybe you just want to know what a challenge is! This is a private challenge where you can ask questions to our team. Our responses can only be seen by you too, it's a completely confidential space!

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