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We have prepared a video about using mouthwashes with one of our resident dentists, Dr Thomas Lamont. We welcome your thoughts about this way of communicating about oral and dental health self-care. 

Is a video a good way to communicate about self-care? How can we improve these videos? What other questions do you have? Please join the discussion. Your contribution is essential to ensure better communication about oral and dental care.



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i think a video sounds a great idea, as easier for people to see what they may be doing wrong in a video

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Good Sense

I think this is an excellent way to get detailed information on dental issues that are relevant. In this instance, I have always used mouthwash as Mr Lamont suggested, but I never really knew why. The clarification was informative, interesting and not patronising. My question: Several years ago, I had a tooth extraction due to a cracked tooth (which the dentist hadn't realised was cracked and for which I had a root canal). I had the requisite number of days on antibiotics. Following this,...

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Video comments

I really like the idea of having a video from a dental professional and getting their perspective on our concerns as a patient.  This video has helped to clarify my uncertainties around when I should be using mouthwash.  I will now use mouthwash at a different time from when brushing my teeth.

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